Multiple Mulch Orders

Due to the nature of landscaping materials, we can only deliver one type of product at a time. If you are ordering multiple products or types of mulch (for example 2 yards of Cedar mulch and 2 yards of Compost), please place each order separately. You will only be allowed one type of product in your "cart".

If you need another type of mulch or landscaping product, finish your first transaction and then place your next order (your browser should save your address information to make the process faster). You will receive a confirmation e-mail for each order.

Washed Sand/Play Sand


Our washed sand is a variety of sand that’s washed with water to remove dust, clay, salt, and silt. It’s a great product to level patios and walkways, use under a above ground pool and makes the best play sand for the sand box.

Adding pavers on a wall, driveway, or patio? Our washed sand is perfect for leveling your substrate getting your project to stand straight plumb and level! Our washed sand is also perfect for sandboxes and other play areas as the impurities have been washed away! Easy to spread and level, our washed sand is available for delivery to your New Hampshire home, business, or construction site!

Our high-quality washed sand is an inexpensive solution perfect for:

  • Sand Boxes
  • Fill
  • Fine Grade under pavers and concrete slabs
  • Used in Soil for Drainage
  • Under ponds and other water features
  • Backfilling behind walls and structures

All of our washed sand, stone, mulch, and other landscaping materials have a minimum order of 1 cubic yard and delivery charges vary depending on your New Hampshire location.

PRICE IS PER CUBIC YARD Delivery depends on your location.