Multiple Mulch Orders

Due to the nature of landscaping materials, we can only deliver one type of product at a time. If you are ordering multiple products or types of mulch (for example 2 yards of Cedar mulch and 2 yards of Compost), please place each order separately. You will only be allowed one type of product in your "cart".

If you need another type of mulch or landscaping product, finish your first transaction and then place your next order (your browser should save your address information to make the process faster). You will receive a confirmation e-mail for each order.

Screened Fill


Screened Fill is the layer beneath the topsoil which means it is more stable than topsoil which may collapse a little over time when its organic matter decomposes. This shift can destabilize the area we recommend the use of screened fill dirt to fill these gaps and holes and adjust the elevation of the ground and dress it with a 2”-3” coat of top soil/loam.

Have low spots on your property? Our Screened Fill is perfect for building up to grade before adding loam or other top dressing. Easy to spread and grade our screened fill is clean and ready to go! Available for delivery to your New Hampshire home, business or construction site!

Our screened fill has a very high compaction rating, but it is prone to shifting and displacement. Many people choose screened fill because it is attractive and very affordable. Useful for in wet areas that need help dealing with drainage problems, screened fill is often recommended for backfilling as it is easily spread and handled. Our screened fill can also be used as a base for concrete.

If you’re looking for a beautiful sand for play areas or decorative purposes, please check out our Washed Sand/Play Sand!

All of our screened fill, stone, mulch and other landscaping materials have a minimum order of 1 cubic yard and delivery charges vary depending on your New Hampshire location.

PRICE IS PER CUBIC YARD Delivery depends on your location.