Multiple Mulch Orders

Due to the nature of landscaping materials, we can only deliver one type of product at a time. If you are ordering multiple products or types of mulch (for example 2 yards of Cedar mulch and 2 yards of Compost), please place each order separately. You will only be allowed one type of product in your "cart".

If you need another type of mulch or landscaping product, finish your first transaction and then place your next order (your browser should save your address information to make the process faster). You will receive a confirmation e-mail for each order.

3/4 Processed Gravel


Our 3/4” Processed Gravel is a blend of sand and 3/4-inch crushed stone compacts firmly and allows water to drain efficiently. Processed gravel is used as a standard sub-base for driveways, walkways, and patios. Perfect for construction, building bases, under foundations, driveways and roads our Processed Gravel ready for delivery to your New Hampshire home, business or construction site!

Our processed gravel is the perfect material for laying a solid base for sheds, foundations and patios which require a firm and compact-able base. It is most useful as a durable base under roads and driveways.Compacting this gravel type is the best way to achieve optimal results. The different size particles bond well and will not erode or be blown through the air easily, making it a solid under-layer. For the best results, our processed gravel should be laid down when the weather is dry and will remain so for a few days. This will allow the surface to compact for increased stability and to create the perfect conditions for maximum compaction.

Processed gravel can be used in many different construction, landscaping, or road projects. Its qualities make it a top choice as a sub-base for driveways, roads, and under slabs. The stone and dust naturally bond together to reduce scattering, which, over time, increases the strength of the top layer. It also helps in laying down pavers and will hold them in place more securely.

Homeowners and landscapers may also use processed gravel as decorative filler for walkways, driveways, and seperating areas of their yard where durability is important. Because it doesn’t move, it is an ideal choice over soil, as it acts like any other crushed stone to create a neat yet durable surface.

All of our stone, mulch and other landscaping materials have a minimum order of 1 cubic yard and delivery charges vary depending on your New Hampshire location.

PRICE IS PER CUBIC YARD Delivery depends on your location.