Multiple Mulch Orders

Due to the nature of landscaping materials, we can only deliver one type of product at a time. If you are ordering multiple products or types of mulch (for example 2 yards of Cedar mulch and 2 yards of Compost), please place each order separately. You will only be allowed one type of product in your "cart".

If you need another type of mulch or landscaping product, finish your first transaction and then place your next order (your browser should save your address information to make the process faster). You will receive a confirmation e-mail for each order.

Due to size and weight limitations of our trucks, we can only deliver a maximum of 20 yards of stone/soil/sand or 25 yards of mulch per trip. If you need more than our maximum amount per trip, please finish your first delivery transaction and then place an additional order for the remaining necessary yards. You will receive a confirmation e-mail for each order.

Unavailable until Spring 2024 | Green Firewood


Do you heat your home with wood? Stocking up for the next few seasons? Our Green Firewood is affordable and perfect for anyone with a little extra room for storage!

Our Green Firewood is wood that has been recently cut and therefore has not had an opportunity to season (dry) by evaporation of the internal moisture.

If you’re buying green firewood to save money, do it as early as possible as green firewood seasons best through the hot days of summer, when the temperature is high and the humidity low. Our Green firewood comes split and ready to stack in a dry, sunny location on your property. Split pieces let air circulate better. Stack your green firewood loosely and off the ground to allow more air circulation, which quickens drying times. Keep the pile covered during rain and throughout the winter months.

So how can you tell if your green firewood is seasoned and ready to burn?
Look for cracks in the end grain, visible at the front of your wood pile. As firewood dries, the ends split, gradually opening wider and wider. Green firewood still has a bright color, while aged firewood will look dull and gray. Dried firewood will also sound hollow if you tap on it or drop it on the ground.

Firewood that is cut it into smaller pieces, stacked loosely off the ground and covered it in the rain and snow, you’ll likely have fine, burnable wood in six to twelve months. It is advisable to season your firewood as long as possible. As long as your firewood is seasoning properly and you don’t need to burn it right away, there’s no harm in waiting two or three years. By waiting longer, the moisture level in the firewood will continue dropping, making it even more efficient to burn.

Minimum order of 1 cord of firewood and delivery charges vary depending on your New Hampshire location.

PRICE IS PER CORD Delivery depends on your location.

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