Multiple Mulch Orders

Due to the nature of landscaping materials, we can only deliver one type of product at a time. If you are ordering multiple products or types of mulch (for example 2 yards of Cedar mulch and 2 yards of Compost), please place each order separately. You will only be allowed one type of product in your "cart".

If you need another type of mulch or landscaping product, finish your first transaction and then place your next order (your browser should save your address information to make the process faster). You will receive a confirmation e-mail for each order.

3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone


Our beautiful 3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone is an amazing addition to the natural beauty your landscaping! Our 3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone ready for delivery to your New Hampshire home!

This round stone offers a clean gray tone of color that can add a nice decorative touch to any property. Commonly used for driveways, paths, gardening, play areas and beaches.

3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone is a beautiful natural stone product not unlike the small smooth stones that come from the beach or a river bed. The stones are round, smooth, and have rich brown colors. This stone can be used to walk on because of it’s smooth, round edges. Best used for around pool edges or the bottom of a man-made ponds to hold down a liner. Our 3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone can also be used in landscape beds, or any decorative areas in your yard.

Adding 3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone to your pond, pool, play area or landscaping project will add a durable and natural look to your landscaping and is far more comfortable for walking than 3/4 Stone. You can use our 3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone as with our other landscaping stone or mulches to create a wonderful contrast of colors and materials. You can also use our 3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone in and around outdoor plant and flower beds, patios, and walkways!

Our 3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone is ready to be delivered to your NH home or business. Place your order TODAY and get it delivered TOMORROW!

All of our 3/8 Gray Round Pea Stone, mulch and other landscaping materials have a minimum order of 1 cubic yard and delivery charges vary depending on your New Hampshire location.

PRICE IS PER CUBIC YARD Delivery depends on your location.