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direct to NH.


Get quality mulch delivered! Simple & easy! At we have all your Bark Mulch in one place. Serving New Hampshire’s Mulch Needs Delivering Bark Mulch Direct to:

Merrimack NH, Amherst NH, Bedford NH, Manchester NH, Nashua NH, Allenstown NH, Candia NH, Auburn NH, Concord NH, Weare NH, Bow NH,  Mount Vernon NH, Hollis NH, Brookline NH, Hooksett NH, Londonderry NH, Goffstown NH, Litchfield NH, Hudson, NH and MORE!

Choose your mulch.

Pick from one of our most popular mulch colors, and choose how many cubic yards you’d like delivered.

Buy your mulch.

Making your purchase online is easy. Just tell us how many yards you’d like and pay securely with your credit card.

Schedule your delivery.

Pick your date for delivery, and leave us a message where to dump the pile. We deliver 7 days a week!

Spread & enjoy.

Your mulch is delivered, fast, easy and ready to spread. Getting great bark mulch couldn’t be easier.

Buy your mulch online and get it delivered to bedford NH
Buy online and get Mulch delivered to NH

How much mulch do you need delivered?

1 Cubic Yard of Mulch Covers:
2” deep – 162 square feet
3” deep – 107 square feet
4” deep –   81 square feet delivers a minimum of 1 cubic yard of mulch.  Not sure how much mulch you need delivered to your New Hampshire home or business? Use our easy calculator here!

Get high-quality mulch delivered to the following New Hampshire towns:

Allenstown, Amherst, Auburn, Bedford, Brookline, Bow, Candia, Concord, Derry, Goffstown, Hollis, Hooksett, Hudson, Litchfield, Londonderry, Manchester, Merrimack, Mount Vernon, Nashua, Weare and MORE!



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Looking to BOOST your plant growth? We've got compost ready for delivery!

If you want to boost the growth of your shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables and grass, start with a thick, healthy layer of our certified compost! Our compost is tested and approved by the University of New Hampshire for a pH of 7.10… perfect for gardens! Aged locally for 18+ months and ready to be delivered to YOU!

buy your mulch!

Our cost effective mulch products start at $32 per cubic yard and our premium mulch runs $38 – $40 per cubic yard sells and delivers our quality landscaping mulch by the cubic yard.  So, how much do you need?  Many people get frustrated with lugging bags of mulch from the local lumber yard…only to get home and realize that you really needed twice as much!  You can now easily order mulch online from and have it delivered right to your home or business.

Premium Bark Mulch Delivered

Pure Hemlock Bark Mulch delivered to NH

Pure Hemlock Bark Mulch

100% Pure Hemlock with a rich, natural reddish color that brings out the natural color of plants in the garden and creates a great contrast for flowers and ornamental plants.

Dark Aged Bark Mulch delivered to New Hampshire

Dark aged bark mulch

A softwood blend of spruce and fir which is aged to create a medium to dark brown without dyes or additives. Longlasting color that is easily rejuvenated with a quick rake!

Black Aged Bark Mulch delivered to NH

Black aged Bark Mulch

Dyed, high quality, premium bark mulch consisting of a blend of pine, spruce and fir with consistent, long lasting color to keep your yard looking sharp for months.

Affordable, high-quality Mulch Delivered

Hemlock Blend Mulch delivered to your home in NH

Hemlock Blend

Our lightest colored mulch. Double ground, fluffy and moist. Perfect for dressing up your property without breaking the bank!

Brown Pine Mulch delivered to New Hampshire

Brown pine

A softwood blend of pine & spruce which creates a medium to dark brown. Perfect for large areas and tidying up existing beds.

Hardy Black Mulch delivered to NH

hardy black

Dyed pine mulch with consistent, long lasting color to keep your yard looking sharp for months. Keep your beds and your yard looking great… On a budget!

Hardy Black Mulch delivered to NH

Red Cedar

Rich, deep color and a wonderfully aromatic fragrance, this all cedar mulch provides excellent protection against bugs and more!

ASTM Certified Playground Mulch Delivered

Playground Mulch delivered to NH

Certified Playground mulch

ASTM Certified for your family’ s safety! All natural wood mulch for around play structures, slides and more!

Man waiting for the mulch he ordered online to be delivered

Great mulch.
delivered fast.


Our double ground bark mulch to creates a deep, rich and colorful mulch bed, perfect for matching any home color or landscaping theme. Order, pay and schedule your delivery from the comfort of your phone or laptop and simply wait for our trucks to arrive!

Are you a PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPER? We’d love to get to know you! You’ll find that our mulch ordering and delivery system is FAST, EASY and perfect for getting the next job going, before you get to the site!

Looking for other Landscaping Materials?

Lakeview Materials provides only the highest quality landscape materials

Lakeview Materials & Trucking, LLC is proud to offer only the best firewood, stone and soil. Our family is proud to provide landscape materials of the highest quality available.

Getting great mulch to our home is so EASY now. I just sit on my couch, enjoy my latte and order as much as I need. It shows up when I schedule and away we go!

Why our Mulch?

Why buy from  It’s much more affordable than buying by the bag.  It’s also more eco-friendly because it reduces plastic waste. Don’t waste your time hauling bags of mulch and repeated trips to the store.  Remember that 1 cubic yard of mulch compares to 14 heavy, messy 2 cu. ft. bags of mulch!  It’s much simpler to order direct and get the mulch you need delivered right to your home. Don’t strain your car or your back hauling bags of mulch.  You now have!  If you live in Merrimack, Amherst, Bedford, Manchester or Nashua…you can now order your mulch easily online.

If you live in other New Hampshire towns, simply call for delivery pricing for your town.

Nothing spruces up your lawn, garden and overall landscaping like a fresh bed of our high quality mulch delivered direct to your New Hampshire home or business.

If you’re looking to clean up your landscaping, a fresh layer of mulch is the perfect way to both keep weeds at bay, retain moisture in the soil and brighten up areas of your yard. But,aesthetics aside, mulch serves many purposes beyond looking attractive.

The main purposes of mulch are to stop the growth and proliferation of weeds, enrich the soil with nutrients, regulate soil temperature, improve water and moisture retention, and prevent soil erosion due to wind, rain and general use.

At we offer 3 great colors of our finest organic bark mulch. The main advantage (aside from the ability to buy and setup delivery online) of our high-quality landscaping mulch is that it decomposes slowly and, in that process, adds nutrients to the soil that fills your flowerbeds, tree plantings and walkways.

How often you should apply our beautiful and resilient bark mulch depends on the traffic and use of your area as well as the weather we have from season to season. For example, many of our customers purchase and spread mulch annually, but there are those who may mulch more often, whenever they want their landscaping to look cleaner, tidier and brighter! With it’s EASY to order deliveries of mulch of any size, so you can feel free to refresh your mulch as often as you like!

When should I mulch my yard?

You can mulch anytime…but spring and fall are the seasons where property owners typically pay attention to their property and adding value and curb appeal. Spring cleanups that include plenty of mulch help with the prevention of weeds.  Many people refresh their mulch in the hot summer months to ensure there is an adequate layer to help hold in the moisture.  And, in the fall, it’s a great way to make sure your yard and plantings are protected for the cold winter months.

How many inches of mulch do I need?  

It all depends on your surrounding plantings.  You can spread mulch to be from two to four inches thick.  If your mulch is too thin, then weeds can push through. If your mulch is too thick, it prevents water from reaching the soil.  Water after you are finished mulching and watch how the water settles in.  This will help you see how your mulch is working for your area.

We deliver quality mulch in bulk and direct to:

  • Allenstown
  • Amherst
  • Auburn
  • Bedford
  • Brookline
  • Bow
  • Candia
  • Concord
  • Derry
  • Goffstown
  • Hollis
  • Hooksett
  • Hudson
  • Litchfield
  • Londonderry
  • Manchester
  • Merrimack
  • Mount Vernon
  • Nashua
  • Weare
  • and MORE!

If you live in other New Hampshire towns, simply call 603-714-4660 for mulch delivery pricing for your town. 

Mon-Fri: 7am-4:30pm
Sat: 8am-4pm
Sun: 9am-4pm


Looking for other Landscaping Materials?

Lakeview Materials provides only the highest quality landscape materials

Lakeview Materials & Trucking, LLC is proud to offer only the best firewood, stone and soil. Our family is proud to provide landscape materials of the highest quality available.

Mulch delivered to New Hampshire -

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